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English presentation

English presentation

2011: Italy turns 150 years

From March to November, Turin will be lighted up by "Esperienza Italia", a series of exhibitions and events about nowadays Italy, its history, its memory and its future possibilities.

"150 DIGIT – L’Italia delle scuole” is a project joining Esperienza Italia and is aimed to collect stories from schoolboys and schoolgirls, teachers and their territories: these stories will be added to those coming from promoters and curators of events in Turin.

The project is addressed above all (but not only) to schools.
Creating new contents and interacting with exhibitions
Inside an innovative online communication environment, also enriched with tools referable to Extended Reality, users will have the chance to enjoy contents coming from Turin 2011 events, to have a browse through works that have been set, to access multimedia materials, to get study aids.
But above all, they will have the opportunity to cooperate in the production of new, important materials, that will enrich the "official” vision of our past and present. Young people, in particular, will have the chance to contribute with their stories to the planning of Italian future, by using new languages and new technologies.
A specific environment of training to digital writing is available for teachers and students creating their stories (written texts, audiovisual equipments, photos and recordings, etc.). These stories will compose a sort of portrait of Italian territory, as resourceful as diversified in terms of history, culture and experiences.

Before, during and after the visit
150 DIGIT is an aid environment to the visit, not only for schools:
  • Before visiting physically the events, users can plan online their visit path and express their preferences by tagging public contents they are planning to give more attention to. Obviously, once they have seen the events, they can feel the wonder and the charm created by exhibitions and their creators.
  • Once they have come back home, the visit continues. They can add new contents and, in the case of the exhibiton Fare gli Italiani, they can newly see the visit path through a video realized with sequences "caught” by a special device. The video can be re-edited and shared with other users.

Promoting twinnings with schools
150 DIGIT is also an opportunity for meetings and culture exchanges with European schools.
eTwinning also contributes to the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification Logo e-twinning

"150 DIGIT – L’Italia delle scuole” is a project of Comitato Italia 150, planned by Luca Toschi and Communication Strategies Laboratory of Florence University, developed by ANSAS ex-INDIRE, Virtual Reality & Multimedia Park, Centro Interdipartimentale per la Ricerca sul Multimedia e l'Audiovisivo (CIRMA) and promoted by Ministero dell’Istruzione Università e Ricerca, which included it among the innovation actions in the area of education and didactics.

150 DIGIT has been thought for you and needs you: let's build together an innovative, rich of contents and educative communication environment!